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Now a days I have been seen driving

A Mercedes downtown.

People gaze at me with puzzled looks--

The Mercedes Benz speaks to them;

I don't know what it evokes,

But still they stare at me as if the car owns me or they see me as driving for someone.

In silence, I watch them passing me

With strange looks and frowning faces.

It is a German made car

And drives smoothly with grace

And I own it with pride,

Just like I would any other car.

I hope not to hurt people's feelings,

But it is the only means I have for traveling, seeking rural Kentucky's blessing.

So far, the police have not pulled me over.

It is my black Mercedes for retirement.

My car and my time.


Gashaw W. Lake PhD

Professor of Public Administration

Graduate School

Kentucky State University

Frankfort, Kentucky 40601