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Diaspora Africans, in particular Ethiopians, must vote for Joe Biden in order to remove Donald Trump

IDEA Editorial                                                                       October 25, 2020

On behalf of the Institute of Development and Education for Africa (IDEA), we at IDEA write and appeal to all Diaspora Africans to vote for Joe Biden so that the White House is relieved from Donald Trump, a man of no knowledge of diplomacy and the ABCs of political science; a man whose character is clearly confrontational, xenophobic, and essentially racist. From the time he campaigned for the presidential bid to his entrance to the White House in 2016, Trump vented his anger by employing slurs against Mexicans, women, African Americans, and African countries; he called Mexicans drug pushers and rapists; looked down unto women with chauvinistic zeal; denigrated African American struggles and mottos such as “Black Lives Matter” as a racist slogan; said, “I don’t have respect for civil rights activists” (implying to Congressman John Lewis funeral); called African countries shitholes; called Kamala Harris a communist; and in the last debate with Joe Biden, he attributed to some people what he calls “low IQ”, when he himself can be categorized as a man of low IQ. Trump is childish, infantile, and arrogant and does not deserve a second term.

By contrast, Joe Biden is a decent human being and an abler statesman and he has a great resume in leadership spanning four and half decades. Joe Biden has all the necessary ingredients in a fine quality leadership in his character; he is not only charismatic, humble, and affable; but he is also a great leader with enormous clout who could influence and motivate people. Above all, Joe Biden is a man of the people, a friend of African Americans and women, and an advocate for the middle class and working people, without distinction in color or race. He is also a man who could make a difference and salvage the United States from the current disaster politics and from the curse legacy of Trump.

On October 23, 2020, Donald Trump, with his usual arrogance and without shame said, Egypt must blow up the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) because in his diatribe he thinks Ethiopia has violated the US-led deal on the GERD and has began filling up the Dam with water; and he also thought that Egypt would not get water as a result of Ethiopia’s recalcitrant actions. What a miserable leader! First and foremost, negotiations on the GERD has been going on for months between Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt; America intervened only at the eleventh hour, and now with the lack of fortitude or self-control, and loose cannon behavior of Donald Trump, we have come to conclude that the US interference in the GED affairs, after all, was a sinister move to support Egypt’s vested interest against Ethiopia.

Moreover, Trump does not have any clue whatsoever in regards to the filling of the Dam and the decrease of water supply to Egypt. Filling the Dam with water would not actually decrease the amount of water Egypt needs annually, especially during the winter season of June, July, and August, a season of heavy rainfall in Ethiopia. With or without the Dam, Egypt is guaranteed with more than sufficient water she needs, but with the GERD-controlled flow of the Nile, Egypt would be more blessed because its farm areas will not be inundated as has always been the case.

What is shocking however is Trumps call for Egypt to destroy the GERD, unheard of utterance from a “world leader” and a self-incriminating statement in the eyes of international law. IDEA urges all Diaspora Africans, particularly Ethiopians in the United States to vote for Joe Biden and get rid off Donald Trump. IDEA also appeals to the African Union (AU) to condemn the Trump war inciting speech, and continue its mission as a broker and negotiating agency between Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt. Ethiopians, wherever they may be should remain steadfast, alert, and united on any issue pertaining to and surrounding the GERD.